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Serenity Forge is always looking for passionate, dedicated people to join our team. If you believe in making meaningful, life-changing games, you might be just who we’re looking for.

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For each job opening, follow the "Apply for this job" link to our recruiting page to fill out an application, and the hiring manager will be in touch for further information.

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Why work with us?

We are a long-term driven studio that’s always on the lookout for new opportunities in original IP development, co-development, client work, and publishing. We want our team to always be excited not only for the current project they’re working on, but even more excited for the next project down the line.

Take a look at some of the perks and benefits we offer to full-time employees below!

Close-knit Team

A close sense of comradery and dedication to our work.


401(k) retirement savings plan with generous employer match.

Health & Dental Insurance

Comprehensive medical plans including dental coverage for you to choose from based on your needs.

Generous PTO and Performance-driven Rewards

Whether you’re an efficient worker who values work-life balance or an extremely hard worker who gives 110%, we value and reward a wide range of employees.

Generous Holidays

Extended company holiday breaks.

Career Advancement

A growing studio with potential opportunities to greatly advance your technical, creative, or leadership roles.


In-Office or Remote

Serenity Forge is looking for an administrator to support our studio and office operations. Under the supervision of our executive team, you will help provide the directors and their teams with HR and recruiting support, accounting assistance, office management, and other day-to-day administrative tasks.

This position may be remote, and we are also open to strong candidates interested in a part-time position, though full-time is preferred.

Role Responsibilities

  • Helping maintain and communicate HR policies to staff, coordinating the team to ensure policy adherence, and assisting with document organization.
  • Early-stage recruiting according to the needs of directors and managers, including setting up new job listings, filtering out unqualified candidates based on criteria from the hiring manager, interview scheduling, and onboarding new hires.
  • Assisting our finance manager with basic record-keeping and compliance tasks.
  • Managing the physical office and coordinating the provisioning and distribution of physical resources such as equipment, furniture, and food/drink.
  • Assisting directors and managers with other administrative and logistical support.

Required Skills and Experience

  • At least 1 year of experience in an HR or administrative role.
  • Highly self-organized, and independently motivated to maintain organization for the team.
  • Proficiency with office apps, namely Excel/Sheets.
  • Crisp communication and interpersonal skills; able to work kindly, respectfully, and intuitively alongside fast-paced creative teams.
  • Always looking for new opportunities to polish processes, increase administrative productivity, and sharpen systems.

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Experience with Gusto or similar HR/payroll management solutions.
  • Familiarity with the business and operations of video game development and publishing.
  • Proficiency in Jira, Confluence, Notion, Airtable, or similar.
  • Familiarity with state withholding & employment registrations.
  • Passion for games and the video games industry.
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Game Programmer (Unreal)

In-Office or Remote

Serenity Forge is looking for a driven and detail-oriented programmer to join our team on a new game development project in Unreal Engine. Under the supervision of the Technical Director and collaboration with other programmers and technical specialists, you will help construct and execute the engineering backbone of a new immersive 3D game in Unreal Engine 5. This position may be remote.

Role Responsibilities

  • Work with other programmers to design and builds new systems, mechanics, and tools for an immersive 3D game in UE5
  • Work with your manager and teammates to ensure development deadlines are met while achieving the highest work quality possible
  • Help create and maintain quality-of-life tools and automations (both in-engine and standalone) for development, building, and testing
  • Contribute technical and creative input towards all aspects of development

Required Skills and Experience

  • Proven experience with Unreal Engine and C++ on a commercially shipped game
  • Experience with version control for game development (ideally, Perforce)
  • Proactive communication and collaboration across disciplines, familiarity with Agile/Scrum processes
  • Detail-oriented, can comprehend project directives and philosophies and integrate them into day-to-day work
  • Ability to meet project deadlines and deliverables

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Experience with console development
  • Interest in narrative-driven, cinematic games
  • Experience with Slate in Unreal
  • Experience with building or using automated testing tools
  • Passion for games and the video games industry
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Level Designer (Unreal)

In-Office or Remote

Serenity Forge is looking for a Level Designer to help build a rich interactive world for an upcoming 3D game development project in Unreal Engine. Under the supervision of the director and in collaboration with narrative designers, environment artists, and game programmers, you will work in docs and in-engine to design and craft compelling gameplay levels and events, from concept to polish.

This position may be remote. An ideal long-term candidate would be open to considering joining us at our office in beautiful Colorado once COVID-19 conditions improve, but this is not required. Competitive relocation assistance and additional in-office benefits are available.

Role Responsibilities

  • Generate ideas for levels that contribute to the vision of the game in concert with narrative systems and motivations
  • Work in Unreal to concept and construct level blockouts and encounters with the assistance of artists and programmers
  • Consult artists in the dressing and polish of your designed levels, to achieve goals of narrative and gameplay
  • Collaborate with programmers on gameplay events and behaviors to create rich, interactive experiences
  • Consult with technical specialists to guide the creation of in-house tools for use by you and the rest of the design team

Required Skills and Experience

  • Proven experience as a designer on a commercially shipped title
  • Deep intuition for how level and gameplay design can be leveraged to support the narrative and visual facets of a game
  • Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to adapt those creative intuitions to actionable development guidance for yourself and others
  • Demonstrable proficiency with Unreal, its world-building tools, and Blueprints
  • Strong understanding of how a high-level prompt for a desired level or event can be ideated, drafted, iterated, and polished into a functional, creative, shippable level

Preferred Skills and Experience

  • Proficiency in visual media such as concept art; environmental, architectural, and interior design; illustration and storyboarding; or 3D modeling
  • Experience with modeling and world creation tools new to UE5
  • Appreciation for narrative across game and non-game media such as film, television, comics, etc.
  • Passion for games and the video games industry
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