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Serenity Forge's vision of creating meaningful, impactful games extends to our publishing branch. We like to support games that strongly express their creator’s values.

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What can Serenity Forge do for you?

Our relationships with our developer partners are always customized based on their needs. Below are just a few highlighted services that we offer; we provide dozens of additional core publishing services, so don’t hesitate to reach out to learn more!

Physical Publishing and Distribution

Nothing can replace the feeling of physically holding a game, and the passionate physical games market is hungrier than ever. We can bring your game to physical and online retailers, and create amazingly beautiful collector’s edition releases.

Porting and Platform Opportunities

From consoles, to streaming services, to exclusivity offers and more, we have the connections and experience to bring your game to a vast audience with diverse gaming habits.

In-depth Development Support

Our background and ongoing development operations allows us to provide you with bespoke development help, no matter what aspect of development you may need or want.

Marketing, PR, and Advertising

After performing in-depth market research based on your game, we carefully craft and customize the proper strategies to promote your game, and execute them with great care.

Media and Influencer Relations

With years of relationships with media and influencers under our belt, we can uniquely pitch your game to the correctly targeted audience through reputable top tier press sites and influencers.

Global Partnerships

Through our close partners in Asia and Europe, we can get your game into the hands of audiences in global markets, each with their own local habits and behaviors in discovering and purchasing games.

Publishing Highlights

Take a look at a few examples of uniquely catered publishing services we’ve offered to developers, in addition to standard services you’d expect from a publisher.

Doki Doki Literature Club Plus!

Serenity Forge worked alongside the original developer to tackle many unexpected technical challenges in order to faithfully bring this game to consoles. We worked diligently to insure that key elements of the game's PC-centric fourth-wall-breaking design could be transported to consoles while navigating each platforms' strict certification requirements.

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LISA: Definitive Edition

Serenity Forge brought this cult indie-hit to next-gen consoles, porting the original RPG Maker title to a modern format that takes full advantage of Xbox, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch features. Along the way, we built proprietary tools and modernized content to ensure that this release would be the definitive version, meeting the exacting standards of the original creator and fanbase.

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Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days was originally an Early Access title on PC only. Serenity Forge helped the developers finish the game to their highest standards and expanded the game's audience by porting it to Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch in 8 languages.

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Lifeless Planet

In order to extend the game’s longevity and life cycle six years after release, we struck up a deal with Epic Games to feature the game on the Epic Games Store for free for one week.

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