Navigate a war-torn land in this turn-based tactical RPG

Arcadian Atlas

Arcadian Atlas is a 2D isometric tactical role playing game about the choices people make in pursuit of the things they love, and the havoc it wreaks on a kingdom.


July 27th, 2023

Developed By

Twin Otter

Published By

Serenity Forge

Who will survive the crucible of what is to come?

Watch your back in the world of Arcadia, where a kingdom is tearing itself apart and forces more dark and ancient than the soil are about to awaken. Experience deep tactical battles across vast and treacherous landscapes as you build an army of powerful troops, customizing their classes and skills to gain every advantage against monsters, ruthless men, a daughter scorned, and a queen so cruel she’d kill her own husband to gain the throne.

Form an army of specialized fighters and wielders of magic, choosing from over 12 custom classes to build out your party as you fight through a seemingly endless conflict. Travel the world of Arcadia, fighting off monsters and avoiding traps as you rain down destruction on your foes from varied grid-based maps based in ancient ruins, abandoned lighthouses, seaside villages, desert hideouts, snow-capped mountains, verdant forests, and thriving kingdoms.

War has begun. To save Arcadia will require perfect strategy, the latest gear, and friends at your side. The time to gather your perfect team is now. The Atlas is about to awaken.

Form Your Strategy

Perfect your strategic approach; one wrong move can mean the death of a party member

Discover New Abilities

Specialize your troops with an array of talents to explore

Explore Arcadia

Explore the expansive world of Arcadia as you battle your way through the lands

Equip Your Adventurers

Outfit your party with a variety of equipment and items to suit your playstyle

Choose Your Party

Form your party with over 12 different classes to choose from