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October 10th, 2023


This I Dreamt


Serenity Forge

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Digital Edition

USD: 24.99

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CAD: 32.99

GBP: 24.99

Game Information

Long Gone Days is an RPG about modern-day conflicts, language barriers, and the human cost of war. After being deployed to his first mission, Rourke leaves The Core's base for the very first time, only to discover the dark truth about the operation he's part of and the consequences of deserting an inescapable war.


Long Gone Days was released into Early Access on Steam on March 28, 2018. Since then, the small development team at This I Dreamt (based out of Santiago, Chile) has been hard at work completing the final chapter and adding a great deal of polish to the overall game experience. The complete version of Long Gone Days will release on Steam and consoles on October 10th, 2023.

Game Features

  • Communication is Key: As Long Gone Days is set in the real world, you'll encounter several language barriers. Recruit interpreters in order to communicate with others.

  • Keep Morale High: Choose dialogue options wisely as they impact your party members' Morale, affecting how they perform during battles. While doing so, keep in mind every character has different personality traits and motivations.

  • Sniper Mode: Long Gone Days has two battle systems. Using Rourke's rifle, spot your enemies and take down your targets.

  • No Random Encounters: Long Gone Days features front-view turn-based battles with a body-targeting system, and every battle is directly related to the plot.

Company Information

About Serenity Forge

Based in Boulder, Colorado, video game development and publishing studio Serenity Forge prides themselves on the care and dedication they put into their work, creating meaningful games that challenge the way you think. Firm believers in the artistic, cultural, and educational power of video games, Serenity Forge aims to craft unique interactive experiences to broaden players’ horizons and expand their perspectives. Learn more at http://serenityforge.com/.

About This I Dreamt

Based in Santiago, Chile, This I Dreamt is an independent game studio focused on creating unforgettable games through a combination of beautiful art, honest emotions, and intricate narratives. The studio's members channel their lived experiences through lessons learnt from over a decade in the industry to make games that speak to players everywhere. Learn more at thisidreamt.com

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