From the day I was born, it was decided I'd be a sniper

Long Gone Days

An RPG about modern-day conflicts, language barriers, and the human cost of war.

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October 10th, 2023

Developed By

This I Dreamt

Published By

Serenity Forge

About Long Gone Days

Long Gone Days follows the story of Rourke, a young man born and raised in the undergrounds of a private military company called The Core, after being sent on a support mission to Poland.

Motivated to finally be able to show the fruits of his training, he carries out his first orders to perfection only to find out that The Core was far from being the noble organization he thought he knew.

Communication is Key

As Long Gone Days is set in the real world, you'll encounter several language barriers. Recruit interpreters in order to communicate with others.

Keep Morale High

Choose dialogue options wisely as they impact your party members' Morale, affecting how they perform during battles. While doing so, keep in mind every character has different personality traits and motivations.

Sniper Mode

Long Gone Days has two battle systems. Using Rourke's rifle, spot your enemies and take down your targets.

No Random Encounters

Long Gone Days features front-view turn-based battles with body-targeting system, and every battle is directly related to the plot.